Meet Keith  Bushatz
Keith has been in the Locomotive industry for over 35 years. He began his love and knowledge of locomotives under the guidance of his father, Ron, at the early age of 15. He began from the bottom up, first learning to build jumper cables & components for the Marta Systems of Atlanta Ga. In 1982 he joined the staff at Republic Locomotive Works in Greenville, SC., learning the electrical and mechanical systems of the locomotive. Continuing on with this knowledge, he also worked at the Port Authority of Charlston, S.C. and Railrhodes,Inc.. At Railrhodes ,Inc, which was owned by Ron Bushatz, Keith served as the shop manager and Vice President. He managed all phases of locomotive building & maintenance including welding, painting,air, truck-rebuilds & specialized in quoting jobs, ordering parts & field service. He also had clearance to do inspections for the government at nuclear plants. After selling Railrhodes to RTX locomotives, Keith stayed on to help the transition for a year. Keith then went to work for Rail Mechanical Services  as the Director of The Locomotive Division for the past 5 1/2 years . Keith operated crews up and down the east coast repairing locomotives and doing FRA compliant inspections. He has personally serviced and rebuilt a vast number of locomotives all over the country . His knowledge of locomotives is extensive, and his primary goal is to make sure every client is completely satisfied with their rebuilt product or any consultation service. If you'd like to ask him a question directly, please email  him @ [email protected]